20PCS Natural Wood Wax Wick DIY Candle Material Soy Wax Aromatherapy Smokeless Environmental Protection Wood Chip Wick Holder



Material: Wooden

Weight: 30g

Model Number: LX-wh02

use: DIY candle making

Product name: wood chip candle wick

Specifications: 20 pieces of wood chips, 10 pieces of base

Purpose: 2 wicks + 1 base


●New multifunctional base, more stable.

●Ideal accessory for handmade DIY candles.

The natural appearance is perfectly matched with different styles of wax cups.

These wicks will burn in a smokeless manner to protect human health and the environment.

●Including wick and wick holder, this kit can provide excellent materials for DIY teacup candles.

Create a romantic atmosphere suitable for various occasions: date, engagement, wedding, birthday decoration, make your special night more impressive.

Easy to use:

Just insert the wick into the metal base, then insert it into the bottom of the container, and then pour the wax into the container.

After the wax is cured, you will unexpectedly find a beautiful candle appearing in front of you.

Instructions for use:

●Two wood chip candle wicks must be used at the same time to ensure the oil absorption effect and the ideal burning state. If a single piece (0.5-0.6mm thick) is used, the supply of wax oil is insufficient. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to fixing the two wood wicks After reaching the bottom bracket, you can drop some wax liquid on the wood chips, and the wood chips will automatically assemble together. If you soak the wood core in the molten wax for a period of time before making the candle, it will be fine.


When the candle is burning, trim the wax wick to keep the flame stable. There will be a hoarse sound during the burning process, just like the sound of burning wood in a fireplace. This is normal.

Because it is a natural material, the color of different batches will be different, some will become white, some will become light brown.

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