Ergonomic Gel Pillow for Headrest, Neck and Waist



Material: Synthetic fiber

Filling Material: Synthetic fiber

Color: Black/Blue

Neck Pillow Product Size: 273*200*113mm

Neck Pillow Product Weight: About 450g

Waist Pillow Product Size: 395*263*115mm

Waist Pillow Product Weight: About 780g

Feature 1: Cooling Gel, Ergonomic Design, Breathable Sharkskin Fabric, Front and Back Curvature, Non-Temperature-Sensitive Memory Foam

Polymer Cooling Gel

Heat-absorbing gel keeps you cool during the driving.


Breathable Sharkskin Fabric

New generation of sharkskin fabric with thousands of pores on the surface for breathing to keep it fresh and dry at all times.


Sit Comfortably, and Sit Healthily

Ergonomic design offers a curvature that more fits to the human body with no support gap in between, helping you sit more comfortably and healthily.

Better Support for Neck


Multi-Support to Lighten up Your Lumbar Pressure

Butterfly-shaped design with slight curvatures on the sides wraps your waist in and offers multi-point support for your lumbar area, dispersing the pressure.


Slow Rebound, Feels Like Clouds

Non-temperature-sensitive space memory foam offers an exquisitely snug texture with exceptional support.

Quality Yarns with Longer Durability

Highly elastic quality yarn, tightly woven together, offers an ultra tug resistance, not easy to lint.

Multi-Scenario Applicable

Home——Breathable fabric that won’t stick to your skin.
Car——Help you sit more comfortably and healthily.