Bathroom Wall Brush Multi-function Cleaning Brush Long Handle Replaceable Household Bathtub Ceramic Tile Wall Glass Sponge Brush



Material: Plastic

Usage: glass

Feature: Eco-Friendly

Style: Hand

Type: Multifunctional Bathroom Cleaning Brush

Material: Sponge + Plastic

Quantity: 1/2/3/4PCS

Size: 56*13.5*7cm

Type:Multifunctional Bathroom Cleaning Brush
Material: Sponge + Plastic

Usage scenario: Bathtub/Toilet/Floor gaps/Walls/Glass etc

Usage scenario: Bathtub/Toilet/Floor gaps/Walls/Glass etc

Features 1: 90 ° rotating brush head

Features 2: Replaceable sponge brush head

Features 3: Hanging storage, not occupying space

Features 4: Long enough handle

Features 5: Foam sponge absorbs water quickly

Choice: yes

Package includes:
As shown in the figure

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*Do not place near high temperatures or sources of ignition;
*Do not forcefully brush, as it may cause damage or bending of the brush head;
*Do not use with defogger (which may cause discoloration or deterioration of the product);
*When using with detergents, please use neutral agents;
*Please brush and test in an inconspicuous area before washing to avoid scratches;
*After use, please shake off the water and let it dry in a cool place.


1. This multifunctional bathroom cleaning brush can freely adjust the angle, rotate the brush head 90 °, and clean in all directions to the corners and crevices.
2. Sponge brush head with nylon brush surface, strong in removing stains and not damaging the glaze surface, foam sponge absorbs water quickly and locks water strongly, efficient in cleaning, and convenient to use.
3. The sponge brush head can also be disassembled and used separately, with firm adhesion and easy disassembly and cleaning.

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