ESD Anti-Static Stainless Steel Tweezers Precision Maintenance Industrial Repair



Material: Stainless Steel

Features: Anti-static

Features: Antimagnetic


Item type: Set plastic tweezer

Application: Terminal remover

Application 1: Extractor Puller Eyebrow Tweezer

Quantity: 1 Set (2 pieces or 6 pieces)

Color: Black

Type:ESD10, ESD11, ESD12, ESD13, ESD14, ESD15

Feature: high quality tweezer

Length: 124MM 140MM 135MM 121MM 121MM 121MM

Thickness: 1.5MM

Choice: yes

Package Included:
Opt 1: ESD-15&ESD-10
Opt 2: ESD-15&ESD-14
Opt 3: ESD-15&ESD-13
Opt 4: ESD-15&ESD-12
Opt 5: ESD-15&ESD-11
Opt 6: 6PCS 
Set tweezers


The tweezer is made by antacid steel, resists corrosion, big strength factor, anti-static, good elasticity, antimagnetic.
It's safe to pick up electronic components.
High hardness and high elasticity, clamping small parts, not easy to deformation.
Easily grip fine objects, Good texture, clamping accuracy 100 microns.
The tweezers head with a cover, which is not easy to damage the hands and is convenient for storage.
Application: integrated circuit maintenance, precision parts maintenance, mobile phone accessories maintenance, computer parts maintenance, Eyelash curler.

Dear buyers, we upgrade for this industrial tweezers, upgrade the quality of industrial tweezers will be better, in the product thickness as well as hardness will be improved, I hope you can continue to visit my store, thank you for your support.