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Specialty Tools Type: Food Covers

Type: Specialty Tools

Material: plastic

Model Number: Food Cover

Product: Foldable Food Tent

Material: polyester cloth

Size: 70 x 50cm

Bullet Points:

1、Fine Mesh: Mesh Food Cover adopts a 360° seamless design and fine mesh, which can effectively block the entry of dust and fallen leaves from the outside, and refuse to affect the taste of food from outside impurities.

2、Good Ventilation: Half of the Foldable Food Tent is made of fine mesh, and the other half is made of non-porous fabric. It can protect your food while ensuring internal ventilation.

3、Foldable Design: The Food Cover Tent adopts a foldable design, which is convenient for you to use when you go out. Folded down to a smaller size, it's easy to store in your tote.

4、Durable And Sturdy: The Food Dome Cover is made of strong steel wire and durable polyester cloth for long service life. It can help you protect your food for a long time.

5、Strong Applicability: Mesh Screen Food Cover is widely used, such as picnics, camping, barbecue, living room, kitchen, and other occasions, it can protect many foods.


Fine mesh, 360° seamless design, can isolate dust, impurities, fallen leaves, etc.

The microporous air-permeable vegetable cover can breathe, has good air permeability, and the food is not easy to be stuffy.

Durable and strong, the thickened skeleton is stable and durable and is made of thick steel wire.

Light luxury style folding vegetable cover, encrypted mesh, thickened skeleton, easy to open and close.

The capacity is large, and the extra size can hold 7 dishes.


Material: polyester cloth

Size: 70*50cm/27.6*20in; 80*50cm/31.5*20in

Packing List:

1*Foldable Food Tent

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