High Borosilicate Glass Barrel Kettle Temperature Resistant Water Jug Elegant Household Cold Drink Ice Bucket



Buckets, Coolers & Holders Type: Wine Holders

Certification: CIQ

Type: Buckets, Coolers & Holders

Material: BAMBOO

Feature: Stocked

Model Number: Deer Head Cover Amber

product time to market: 2022

whether there is a patent: no 1

plastic: PP

product quality grade: first-class

style: Light luxury

whether it is a gift: Yes, business gifts

scope of Application: fruit juice

product category: pot

Feature: barrel kettle

Feature: Water kettle

Feature: ice bucket

Light Luxury Fashion, Home Fury New Pet - High Borosilicate Glass Cold Water Pot Head
Product Name
The light luxury cold water kettle faucet is not only an essential companion for your home life, but also a symbol of your taste.
 Product features
High borosilicate glass material: Made of high-quality high borosilicate glass, it has excellent high-temperature resistance and can easily handle various hot and cold water, allowing you to drink freely at any time without worry.
Luxury Design: Simple yet stylish, whether placed in the kitchen or restaurant, it can become a beautiful scenery.
Large capacity water storage: With a large capacity design, it can hold water in one go, meeting the needs of the whole family. Whether it's juice, beverages, or cold water, it can be easily handled.
Convenient and easy to use: The faucet design is easy to operate, and with just a gentle twist, water can flow out, adding convenience to your life.
Safe and reliable: After strict quality testing, we ensure that every product is safe and reliable, making you feel more at ease when using it.

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