Reusable Coffee Capsule Filter for Coffee Machine



Shape: Basket

Material: Stainless Steel

Filter Type: Reusable Filters

Product: Coffee Capsules pod

Material: Safe to use :100% BPA-free, recyclable and made from food-grade materials.

Filter Type: Reusable Coffee Capsule Filter

Capacity: About 8g coffee powder

Size: 54*35mm

For dolce gusto coffee machine: piccolo , Genio, mini me, melody , Circolo and so on

why to buy it 1: Save the planet and money: up to 80% less than pre-filled single-serving capsules. Save money by choosing reusable coffee cups!

why to buy it 2: You can enjoy the wonderful taste of coffee by recycling our refillable coffee capsule filters

***Refillable filter cups, Saving your money when you choose reusable coffee filter.
****Economical, easily brew your fave coffee, lid can open for easy filling and cleaning.
****Perfect for Coffee, Dolce Gusto