USB Microphone Kit Professional Podcast Condenser Mic 192KHZ/24BIT For PC Karaoke Youtube Studio Recording Microfone A04



Transducer: Condenser Microphone

Set Type: Multi-Microphone Kits

Style: Hanging Microphones

Use: Computer Microphone

Package: Yes

Polar Patterns: Cardioid

Certification: CE

Diaphragm: S-Mall

Communication: WIRED

Microphone-core: Dia.16mm Condenser

Frequency Response: 30Hz-16kHz

Sampling Rate: 192kHz/24bit

Sensitivity: -38dB+/-3dB(0dB=1V/Pa at 1kHz)

Equivalent Noise Level: 16dBA Max

Style: USB Condenser Microphone

Professional USB Condenser Microphone

USB Connector for Plug and Play

【Professional Sound Chipset 192kHz/24Bit】:
This Condenser Microphone has been designed with a professional sound chipset,
which let the USB microphone hold a high-resolution sampling rate.
【16mm Electret Condenser Transducer & Magnet Ring】:
With the 16mm electret condenser transducer, the USB microphone can give you a strong bass response.
This professional condenser microphone picks up crystal-clear audio.
【Sturdy Boom Arm Set】:
With a pop filter and a foam windscreen, the condenser mic records your voice and the sound is crystal clear,
the shock mount holds the microphone steady with a damping function.
【SAMPLING RATE】: 192kHz/24bit!!! Smooth, flat frequency response of 30Hz-16kHz--Extended
frequency response is excellent for singing, speech, and Voice over,

【Plug And Play 】:
The microphone has a USB 2.0 data port which is easy to connect with your computer
and Linux operation system, and no need for extra driver software, and no need for
an external sound card.

Professional Sound Chip Set

Sampling Rate:192KHz/24bIT

Microphone-core:Dia.16mm Condenser

This Professional Condenser Microphone Picks Up Crystal Clear Audio

USB-B to USB-A Cable, Easy to Connect Different Devices

(Magnet Ring for Strong Anti-interface)

Please Face the Side on of The Logo "M"

Cardioid Condenser Microphone

Perfect Restoration of Vocal & Instruments

Chatting, Recording, Gaming, Dubbin, Podcasting


Condenser Mic + Adjustable Scissor Arm Stand + Metal Shock Mount + Pop Filter + Foam Mic Windscreen + Table Mounting Clamp + USB-B to USB-A Cable.

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