20g Soft Fake Nail Tips Gel Glue Polish Soak Off UV LED Nail Art Gel Short False Nail Extension Function Adhesive Gel



Style: Coffin/Oval/Almond/Square/Stiletto

Function: Nail DIY, Practice nail art, Nail Art Tools, Fake Nails/Nail Tips/False Nails, Natural Fit, Nail accessories tool, UV Lamp, LED Lamp, Soak Off UV Gel Nail Polish, easy apply, suit for starter and professional, Used To Paste Fake Nails and Rhinestones

Type: New Tec-Soft Nail Tips Gel

Model Number: STG-01

Ingredient: Resin

Volume: 20ml

Quantity: 1PCS

NET WT: 20g/Bottle

Number of Pieces: One Unit

Type: Gel Polish

Choice: yes

semi Choice: yes

Color: Transparent
Suitable Lamp:
 UV Lamp or LED Lamp
Package Contents:
1 bottle 20g Soft Nail Tips Gel
Step 1.
 Polish the nail surface
Step 2.
 Apply base coat, cure by lamp
Step 3.
 Apply Nail Soft Gel to the tips
Step 4.
 Press the tips on top of your natural nails
Step 5.
 Use a cleaning pad to wipe the spilled gel
Step 6.
 Cure By UV lamp 60 seconds, complete
Important notice:

1.Buff your natural nails and remove the extra cuticles and oils.
2.Cure the Soft Tips Gel for more than 45s.
3.Keep out of sunlight, led & UV light. 
4.Keep tightly sealed.
5.Keep out of reach of children.

SOFT NAIL GEL: Low odor, no damage to your nails. We use the latest gel nail glue with solid status that protect your natural nails. Remove easily with no damage to the natural nails. Soft Nail Gel can work well with the normal nail tips especially soft gel tips, also can use on the translucence press on nails, great adhesiveness. The soft state nail glue gel can retain the function of adhesiveness, not easy to stick dirt, the thin and solid-state adjustable glue gel can better connect tips and nails, not easy to peel off for 4 weeks.

FAKE NAILS WITH NO TRACE: fake nails is made of high quality soft gel nail tips that will not leave a trace even when bent. It does not damage your natural nails or cause harm to your body. It has a non-slip design that is easy to stick on your natural nails. Choose from a variety of styles to suit each of your nails. Our designs are lightweight and durable. We have 12 sizes available and all the sizes are stated on top of the nail tips so you can easily pick a size that suits your natural nails. 

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