Wireless Warm Abdominal Belt Menstrual Heating Pad Hot Compress Lady Uterus Reduce Menstrual Stomachache Waist Pain Massager



Item Type: Massage & Relaxation

Certification: CE

Application: Waist

Size: Small

Model Number: D-LMH220901

Material: Lycra

Type-1: Wireless Warm Females Uterus Belt

Type-2: Warm Lady Uterus Massager Belt

Feature-1: Wireless Heating Female Uterus Belt Massager

Feature-2: Reduce Menstrual Stomachache Massager

Feature-3: Heated Compress Back Massager belt

Feature-4: Reduce Waist Pain Dysmenorrhea Massager

Feature-5: Warm Belly Waist Belt Massager

Feature-6: Hot Compress Artifact Massager Belt

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Wireless Abdominal Heating Massager Pad Relieve Menstrual Pain Warm Lady Uterus Belt Hot Compress Waist Back Vibrating Artifact

Wireless Warm Abdominal Belt Menstrual Heating Pad Hot Compress Lady Uterus Reduce Menstrual Stomachache Waist Pain Massager


Name: Warm Abdominal Belt
Power supply: USB, type-c charging port
Charging time: 3-4h
Massage principle: Vibration, hot compress
Product size: 18*9*2cm,, 49cm (data cable)
Packing size: 19.5*11.7*6.5cm
Limited working time: 30min
Local running sound: 20 decibels
Gear: First gear, 35℃, second gear 45℃, third gear 55℃, fourth gear 65℃


Warm the palace and drive away the cold


1. Graphene heating film, 3S fast heating
2. Constant temperature hot compress, comfortable massage, promote blood circulation, remove uterine cold
3. Intelligent temperature control, safe for burns
4. Soft sound and noise reduction, pleasant and light enjoyment, sleep all night
5. Light and breathable, comfortable and close to the skin, not easy to fall
6. Small and lightweight, you can carry it with you wherever you go
7. Adjustable retractable belt to meet the needs of different groups of people


1.Do not broadcast the USB interface of this product directly to the adapter.
2.Do not use it at bedtime.
3.Avoid prolonged use in the same place and take care to confirm the skin condition. If there is any abnormality, remove it immediately.
4.Prohibit proximity to dangerous sources, corrosive liquids and all kinds of adverse environments.
5.When washing, we must ensure that the mobile power supply has been removed. After washing, we must wait for the bottom of the product to be dry before it can be turned on and used.
6.Recommend hand washing, gentle hand washing, wash with clean water after washing, do not twist dry, natural bulb dry.

Prohibit the use of crowd:

1.Moderate and severe cardiovascular diseases are forbidden to be used in patients with severe heart disease.
2.Patients with skin sensory impairment or skin abnormality are prohibited from using it.
3.Patients with gout during the onset of the disease or who have not fully recovered from gout are forbidden to use.
4.Patients with cervical tumors are forbidden to use.
5.Prohibition of pregnancy.


1.It is recommended not to use the high-grade temperature for more than 8 minutes
2.The skin sensitive recommendation is to use it through the clothes.

Washable Warm Abdominal Belt Menstrual Heating Pad(Plug In)

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